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  Iowa Workforce Access
430 E Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
Telephone: (515) 281- 9045
FAX: (515) 281- 9096
Email: access@iwd.iowa.gov


Iowa Employment & Disability


Employer Questions



Iowa Employers Disability Resource Network (EDRN) Access Qualified Employees

Accommodations Per Impairment

WRP Program  Recruiting College Students



Tax Incentives:


Job Seeker Questions


Medicaid for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MEPD)

Ticket to Work

Social Security Redbook

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program

Public Housing Information

ETA Form 9061 - Prescreening notice and certification request 

IRS Form to use - Form 5884

IowAble Loan Program for Assistive Technology



Iowa State Agencies


Deaf Services Commission of Iowa

Iowa Civil Rights Commission

Iowa Department for the Blind

Iowa Department of Corrections

Iowa Department of Education

Iowa Department of Elder Affairs

Iowa Department of Human Rights

Iowa Department of Human Services

Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs

Iowa Division of Persons with Disabilities

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Iowa Workforce Development

State of Iowa


Additional Links for Partners:


Ticket to Work Guidance for Employment Networks & Service Providers

Memorandum of Agreement

Iowa Association of Community Providers

Iowa General Assembly

Disability Resources in Iowa




Online Training Information:


"At Your Service": Welcoming Customers with Disabilities

Diversity Training Specific to Disability

ADA Basic Building Blocks Course

Looking for Some Fun? Try the ADA Game


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